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About: Trinity James

Trinity James is a singer songwriter born and raised in the capital city of Madison, WI. Growing up, while other kids were going to football games and high school dances, Trinity was fine-tuning his skills on the stages of area nightclubs. Trinity took to heart an account of a fledgling Johnny Cash rolling into Sun Studios to sing his childhood Gospel songs only to be told by owner Sam Phillips, “Son, go out west, do some sinnin’ and come on back and play for me”. His travels led him to Minneapolis, Dallas and allegedly, Oklahoma.

His experience was less than idyllic and fell short of his romanticized notions of life on the road. After coming back to Madison Trinity maintained his disillusionment and sought oblivion with the help of John Barleycorn and his friends. After three years of hard living he reached an epiphany: what he could never find on the road and through personal excess was the man staring back at him in the mirror, albeit with bloodshot eyes. This realization was startling in its simplicity: the answers weren’t outside of himself; they were within. It was at this point, newly rejuvenated and with clear eyes, Trinity made the endeavor to tell his real story.

With the stage presence reminiscent of Morrison and the earnestness of Springsteen, Trinity James childhood love of American made rock and roll was rekindled into a white-hot flame. Through it all he never lost his faith in the power of music. Drawing inspiration from the raw untamed East Coast sound along with the refreshingly intimate lyrics of a folk hero, Trinity James plays with a intensity that wells from a source well earned. Back from hell with a story to tell his music comes at a time when we need it most. Trinity James is bringing home that true American rock and roll sound and he ain’t looking back.

About: Trinity James & Big Bad 

After yet another band break up… Trinity began to hit the 9 to 5 hard in hopes of saving up enough money to take his show down to Nashville. While at work one day he heard the news that his boyhood hero Jon Bon Jovi was looking for a band to open for him at the city’s arena The Kohl Center. Last minute, he submitted two songs from his solo demos that he’d been working on over the last couple of years with Cudasigh and Last Crack frontman Buddo. This was a Friday.

The following Monday while Trinity was at work he received a phone call from the University of Wisconsin Music Committee. They liked his songs and informed him that there would be a battle of the bands the following Monday to determine who would open for Bon Jovi. This was good news, except Trinity was without a band. Trinity called up Buddo and informed,him of the good news and his perdicament. Buddo who played drums on and produced the Trinity Demo said he would ask the guys in Last Crack to back him. That evening Trinity recieved word that it was a go. The chemistry was evident from the first meeting. Cds were burned and songs were learned. After only 3 rehearsals the band was off to play the battle of the bands. Amazed by the Cracks ability to learn so much material in such little time, Trinity dubbed them”Big Bad”

The battle of the bands was stiff competition. TJ&BB, a few long standing and very popular locals, and two bands that just go back from high profile gigs on each coast rounded out the night. After it was all said and done though it was Trinity and Big Bad going to the big show the Bon Jovi show.

The Band, Big Bad


Drummer – Last Crack, Magic 7, Cudasigh

Paul Schluter

Guitarist – Last Crack, Muzzy Luctin, Magic 7

Don Bakken

Guitarist – Last Crack

Darren Soderholm

bassist – Last Crack, Muzzy Luctin, Magic 7, Cudashigh